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The annual ADM band competition has begun

Photo: fb-share-eng
Photo: fb-share-eng

The ADM Band Competition which will be held for the 14th time already was announced today! This year, we will primarily focus on sharing music in the digital streaming environments Spotify and Apple Music. But in addition, we will also help you release a vinyl record as a tangible audio medium so that music can be enjoyed in a completely natural and authentic way. All musicians in Estonia with new, interesting and unique creations that have not been published before are invited to join the competition. The deadline for submitting the material is 04.11.2022.

All musicians in Estonia both solo artists and a bands, regardless of music style or genre, are invited to participate in the ADM Band Competition. We expect original, but not extreme, radical, angry or offensive music. We are looking for something new and fresh, the mainstream is not really our taste. Check out the albums released previously here

Participating in the contest is easy: send us an introduction of the artist or band and a link to the material before the 4th of November. We recommend sending at least 4 tracks so that the jury can get the best possible idea of ​​the artist, sound language and vocals. There are no restrictions on the format of the material. 

The deadline for the competition is 04.11.2022 and the jury will announce the winner before the end of November.

At ADM, we have been supporting diverse music projects for more than 10 years and giving our friends oven fresh vinyl records instead of traditional souvenirs as Christmas gifts. The ADM Band Competition started in 2009 from the love of the music of ADM CEO Riho Pihelpuu and his desire to support Estonian music while contributing to its development. In previous years, Kristjan Randalu and Vaiko Eplik, Sander Mölder, Kelly Vask, Maris Pihlap, OOPUS and many other well-known artists have won the ADM Band Competition.

Maris Pihlap, who won the ADM Band Competition in 2020, said that the cooperation with ADM was pleasant and smooth: “Especially because I was still given a lot of freedom – I didn’t have the fear, that many people may have with such a competition, that now it’s ADM’s record and I won’t be able to do it exactly the way I would like it to be.” Read here what Maris thinks is the success formula for participating in this competition and what she recommends to young musicians as a recent winner.

Sander Mölder, who has won the Band Competition three times in 2013, 2017, and 2019, considers the competition to be a good last push: “It was a great additional motivation to finalize the songs. Without it, I probably would have procrastinated.” You can read more about Sander’s experience here.

Kelly Vask, who won in 2019, emphasized that ADM really put its heart into the matter: “I think what I liked most was the feeling of security, that we were all dedicated to the album and if I had any questions or concerns, we found the best solutions together. ” Find out more about Kelly’s thoughts about the opportunity here

Find out more about previous winners thoughts about the ADM Band Competition and how participation has helped their musical careers, here.

ADM Band Competition page:

Please send the materials to no later than 04.11.2022.

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