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Sander Mölder

Sander Mölder , who hails from Saaremaa, has won ADM’s Battle of the Bands twice now – with his album Ulmama in 2013 and his EP TIKS 068 in 2017. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Composition from the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre (EAMT) and in 2014, he graduated from EAMT with a master’s degree in Composition.

In the beginning of 2019, his album TIKS 068 won the Best Debut Album and Best Electronic Album awards at the Estonian Music Awards.

What did you gain from participating in ADM’s Battle of the Bands?

It was the perfect bit of extra motivation to finish up my tracks. Without it, I would have continued to procrastinate.

Was the album that ADM helped you release your very first record? How many records have you released after that?

TIKS 068 was my second solo album. Quite soon after that, about 9 months later, I released my third album and I am currently working on finishing up my fourth album. That should be out soon.

Were you satisfied with our cooperation? What did you like most about it?

I was very happy with the cooperation. I especially liked the fact that ADM approached everyone on a personal level. Thanks to that, we were able to quickly figure out what everyone was after and from there on, it was smooth sailing.

What do you as the 2017 winner think is the recipe for success that you would recommend to other young musicians?

I don’t think there is a special recipe. I think that for the listeners and the judges, it’s much nicer if the demos are almost ready and you have some sort of a mix as well so that they can understand what your work actually is. And from there, it’s all in someone else’s hands.

And lastly, please share with us three reasons why you would recommend that all other young musicians take part in ADM’s Battle of the Bands.
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