Self-service Portal Development

A self-service portal stands as a remarkably efficient means to engage new customers, enhance customer-to-customer connections, and elevate company-customer relationships. In the realm of ADM, we firmly hold that a well-designed self-service portal brings tangible advantages to service desks, end users, and the business itself, streamlining sales processes and enhancing efficiency. We specialize in effectively digitizing various client processes, encompassing tasks like scheduling deliveries or maintenance appointments, managing contracts, updating customer information, and facilitating orders.

Our Expertise in Out-of-the-Box SSO Solution:

Across time, we have developed diverse Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions for various companies including Telia, LHV, and Coop. Now, we have crafted an out-of-the-box SSO solution that is quickly deployable and seamlessly integrable with backend systems.

Advantages of a Strong Self-Service Portal:

  • Diminishes the need for extensive customer support.
  • Amplifies website traffic.
  • Enables personalization for enhanced user experiences.
  • Bolsters brand reputation by fostering favourable interactions with clients.

Team behind this service

  • ADM Interactive
  • ADM Unit X
Tõnis Nerep
Business Development Lead


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