Business Development

In the pursuit of excellence and sustainable growth, a competent Business Development team is indispensable. Our team members are the fuel that propels us forward, enabling us to adapt to industry trends, overcome challenges, and excel in the global marketplace. They are not just the backbone of our expansion efforts; they are the driving force behind our company’s journey into uncharted territories.

Meet our Business Development team

Photo of Krister Rekkaro.

Krister Rekkaro

+372 5130000
Photo of Laura Kivik.

Laura Kivik

Digital Services Business Lead
+372 53551385
Photo of Tõnis Nerep.

Tõnis Nerep

eCommerce Business Lead
+372 56660385
Photo of Andres Laaspere.

Andres Laaspere

Growth strategist
+372 5125383