ADM Product Thinking Program

An intensive 4 to 6-month mentorship-driven initiative designed to accelerate the growth of high-potential creative startups, offering expert guidance in product development, innovative methodologies, and access to a network of industry professionals and potential investors. For Founders.

We will choose only 8 High-Potential Creative Startups Across Estonia.

Application Deadline: 25.02.2024

Why It’s Different?

Designed for Maximum Value: Expert Guidance, Sustainability, and Innovation. Tailored for Startups: Our Program Builds on Extensive Experience for Optimal Value per Hour. Our innovative approach combines design thinking, product thinking, and lean and agile methodologies, ensuring a unique and effective startup development experience.

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How It Works?

Our unique mentor-led sprints: Learn, Measure, and Grow. Each sprint is crafted for specific goals, with expert input ensuring the highest value creation per hour. Our focus? Practical, on-the-job learning instead of generic training. Expert mentors, both local and international, provide hands-on support throughout the program, offering tailored guidance based on your startup’s specific needs and stage of development.

Results-Oriented Approach

We emphasize tangible outcomes, aiming for increased export capabilities, revenue growth, and enhanced product and service offerings. Our program’s proven success across Estonia positions you to join a legacy of startups who’ve bridged the development gap through our network.

Program Objective: Empowering Startups to Reach New Heights

Our mission is to help 8 digital product-developing startups enhance their products for international markets. Through personalized design sprints, we aim to achieve product-market fit, validating business models and accelerating revenue generation through lean product development.

What you get when you join?

We offer you comprehensive Support for Your Startup Journey. We offer a range of services to nurture your startup’s growth:

  • Design thinking and product thinking tool mentorship
  • Product development strategy and user research guidance
  • Customer journey and funnel design and improvement
  • Support in product design, including UX/UI
  • Mentorship in validation cycles, pricing models, and IT architecture planning
  • Potential funding

Tailored Success Paths for Your Startup:

  • Personalized approach based on your startup’s unique needs and goals.
  • Expert mentorship with a hands-on methodology.
  • Access to our extensive client network for product testing and pilot projects.
  • Financial support and resource allocation for promising startups.

Key Mentors

Andres Laaspere

Andres Laaspere

Helen Kokk

Helen Kokk

Hendrek Kraavi

Hendrek Kraavi

Indrek Ott

Indrek Ott


In addition to our key mentors, we have a diverse network of over 30 specialized mentors, each with specific skills and industry experience, ready to jump into sprints and provide targeted support to propel your start-up forward.

Our Wins So Far

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Our Wins

Key learnings that founders will gain upon completing the program

  • Advanced Product Development Skills: Founders will learn to apply design thinking, product thinking, lean, and agile methodologies to develop and refine their products​​.
  • Effective Client and Market Validation Techniques: They will acquire skills in validating their business model and product with real clients and in the market, ensuring their offerings meet actual customer needs​​.
  • Customized Product Strategy Development: Founders will learn how to create or enhance their product development strategy, including user research, customer journey mapping, and funnel optimization​​.
  • Enhanced UX/UI Design Knowledge: They will gain insights into user experience and interface design, crucial for creating engaging and user-friendly digital products​​.
  • Pricing Strategy and Business Model Optimization: The program will teach founders how to effectively develop pricing strategies and optimize their business models for long-term success​​.
  • Sustainability and Responsible Innovation: Founders will understand how to integrate sustainability and responsibility into their product design and business practices​​.
  • Increased Export Capabilities and Revenue Growth: The program focuses on tangible outcomes like growing export capabilities and revenue, which will be a critical learning outcome​​.
  • Networking and Collaborative Skills: Founders will learn the importance of networking, collaboration, and building strong relationships within the startup ecosystem​​.
  • Resource and Financial Management: They will understand how to effectively manage resources and finances, including potential opportunities for post-program technical support and investment​​.
  • Strategic Thinking and Decision Making: Through mentorship and hands-on experience, founders will enhance their strategic thinking and decision-making abilities, crucial for navigating the challenges of a growing startup​​.
  • Lean Experimentation and Rapid Learning Cycles: Founders will be trained in implementing lean experimentation cycles – build, measure, learn – enabling them to rapidly test hypotheses and iterate on their product offerings​​.
  • Preparation for Scale: They will learn how to prepare their startups for scaling, focusing on growth hacking techniques and strategies to achieve exponential growth, especially in international markets​​.

Application and Selection Process

We invite technology-based creative startups or startups from related sectors to apply.

To be eligible, you need:

  • A Business Model Hypothesis and Initial Client and Problem Validation: Your startup should have a well-thought-out hypothesis of your business model, demonstrating a clear understanding of your market, target customers, and the problem you aim to solve. There should be initial validation of this hypothesis, either through preliminary client feedback, market research, or early sales, indicating that there is a real demand or need for your solution.
  • An Existing Product, Solution Prototype, or at Least a Concept: Your startup should have more than just an idea; there needs to be some tangible form of your product or solution. This could be in the form of a minimum viable product (MVP), a working prototype, or a well-developed concept ready for further refinement and development. This requirement ensures that you have invested time and thought into your offering, making you ready to benefit from the program’s product development sprints and mentorship.
  • A Team with at Least Two Founders: The program requires the participating startup to have a team with at least two founders. This is to ensure that there is sufficient bandwidth and diversity of skills to take on the program’s challenges. A multi-founder team typically brings varied perspectives and skills, increasing the startup’s resilience and capability to benefit from different areas of the program.

You’re Not a Great Fit If:

  • Your Startup Lacks a Defined Business Model or Product Concept: Startups without a clear business model hypothesis or at least a prototype or concept for a product or solution may not be ready to fully benefit from the program’s intensive mentorship and development sprints​​.
  • Your Team is Not Fully Committed or Lacks Collaboration: Startups whose teams demonstrate limited ability to collaborate effectively or lack the commitment to dedicate themselves to a rigorous 14-month program may not align well with the program’s demands and mentorship approach​​.
  • You’re Seeking Immediate Technical Development Support: If your primary need is immediate technical execution or software development, rather than strategic mentorship in product development and business growth, this program might not meet your immediate requirements​​.

Selection Process

  • The application process is led by our project manager, who oversees the selection process for companies joining the program​​.
  • Key mentors assess each startup’s current situation.
  • The selection criteria focus on the potential of the business model, team skills and knowledge, team collaboration ability, and commitment to the program​​.
  • Our selection committee includes ADM Interactive’s CEO, COO, project manager, key mentors, and a spokesperson for technology mentors​​.
  • Only 8 startups will be selected.


Is the program conducted remotely or on-site?

The program is designed to be flexible to accommodate both remote and on-site participation. This approach allows startups from all over Estonia to participate, regardless of their location. Additionally, our Tallinn-based office in the Kultuurikatel area can facilitate on-site sessions and hot desk options for temporary workspace needs​​.

How much time will I be required to dedicate to this program?

The program duration is 4 to 6 months, with each startup’s marathon consisting of 4-6 sprints.  The time commitment will vary depending on the goals and needs of your startup, but you should be prepared to engage actively throughout the program duration to achieve the best results. Regular involvement in mentorship sessions, sprint planning, and execution is crucial for maximizing the program’s benefits​​.

How many people from my team can participate in the program?

There is no strict limit on the number of team members who can participate, but the program is designed to work most effectively with the core team members who are deeply involved in the startup’s operations and decision-making processes. A minimum of two founders is required to participate, ensuring that key decision-makers are involved and benefit from the program’s mentorship and resources​​.

What if our startup doesn’t meet all the set goals by the end of the program?

It’s important to remember that the journey through the ADM Product Thinking Program is as valuable as the destination. While achieving set goals is important, the learning and growth your team experiences are equally crucial. We measure success not just by immediate outcomes but also by the long-term value and capabilities you gain. Our mentors will work closely with you to adjust goals as needed and ensure you derive the most benefit from the program, regardless of immediate goal attainment​​.

Will our intellectual property be protected during the program?

Protecting your intellectual property (IP) is a valid concern. We assure you that all information shared during the program will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. We take necessary measures to safeguard your IP and ensure that the sharing of information is done in a manner that respects and protects your startup’s proprietary assets.

Is there a risk of not fitting into the program’s culture or network?

We understand that each startup has its unique culture and approach, and we strive to foster a diverse, inclusive environment. Our program is designed to be adaptable to various startup cultures and philosophies. By working closely with mentors and peers, startups often find that they can integrate seamlessly into the program’s network, benefiting from the diversity of experiences and perspectives.

Can the program introduce me to investors?

Yes, we can facilitate introductions to investors. Our network includes active angel investors and access to the EstBAN investor network, which we leverage to support startups in securing investment opportunities. Moreover, ADM Interactive’s owners themselves are willing to consider additional investment in program graduates​​.

How much does it cost?

Participating startups are only required to pay 20% of the total cost of the marathon.

Who we are?

 At ADM Interactive, we specialize in creating digital solutions that drive business goals and enhance lives. We’re committed to delivering top-tier digital B2C and B2B solutions, including apps, SaaS, and comprehensive sales and marketing strategies. As your strategic partner, our vision is to find the best solutions for your business goals. We offer complete digital marketing, sales, and customer service solutions, from strategy planning to detailed execution, all at an exceptional level. We’re a leader in our field in Estonia, growing steadily both locally and internationally, committed to ethical, responsible, and successful business practices.

Why we believe in Startups?

We believe in the power of rapidly growing technology companies with scalable business models to drive Estonia’s economy. Since 2015, we’ve been consistently supporting the creative tech sector, investing our knowledge, experience, contacts, and funds to foster growth and innovation.

Still not convinced? Here are three compelling reasons why you should consider joining.

Expert Mentorship and Customized Support: Gain access to a team of expert mentors who provide hands-on guidance in product development, design thinking, and lean methodologies. The program offers personalized support tailored to each startup’s specific stage and needs, ensuring targeted and effective development​​.

Practical, Outcome-Oriented Learning: The program is structured around real-world application rather than theoretical learning. Startups participate in structured sprints focused on practical implementation, enabling them to quickly test ideas, learn from real market feedback, and iterate for better results. This hands-on approach is designed to accelerate growth and enhance product-market fit​​.

Access to Networks and Potential Funding: Participating startups benefit from ADM’s extensive network, including potential investors. The program not only provides valuable learning and development but also opens doors to investment opportunities and collaborations that can be crucial for scaling and expanding your business, especially in international markets​​.

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The “ADM Product Thinking Program” project will receive a grant of €150 000.