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Kelly Vask

Viljandi Culture Academy student Kelly Vask won ADM’s Battle of the Bands in 2019 with her ambient track “COLD/GOLDEN”. Kelly has been tied to music her whole life: “Most of my relatives on both my mother’s and father’s side play an instrument or sing. I got the idea to go an study music and work on it more seriously in the beginning of my last year of high school, but now, studying in Viljandi Culture Academy, I am already a part of many different groups where I sing and write music.”

After her successful participation at ADM’s Battle of the Bands in 2019, Kelly also won the Youth Band competition and a special prize at the Jazzkaar jazz festival that same year.

What did you gain from participating in ADM’s Battle of the Bands?

In addition to the obvious – my own album – I got a lot more out of the competition. I have been told a couple of times that I am the kind of person who will not do anything unless someone or something is pushing me. Got to have one foot kicking my behind all the time. :) I used to be really opposed to this idea, but ADM’s Battle of the Bands proved that deadlines really do make me more productive. I basically finished the album from start to end in a month. Of course, I didn’t do it alone – anything is possible with a great team!

And of course, we as humans tend to be our own worst critics. Winning ADM’s Battle of the Bands and making my own album showed me that the music I make may actually speak to other people as well, not just me. That is an amazing feeling and I am incredibly grateful for that!

Was the album that ADM helped you release your very first record? How many records have you released after that?

She Sin(g)s was my first record as a solo artist. Since it was only released in March 2020, then it’s too early to talk about any other new records. But I have been busy writing music and I’m sure it won’t stay in my drawer for too long.

Were you satisfied with our cooperation? What did you like most about it?

I was very satisfied! The communication between was so easy, both in e-mails as well as at the meetings in ADM’s offices. And of course, we had a very vocal pup participate in some of the meetings who always wanted to voice his opinion on everything, such as the album’s design. I hope he was satisfied as well. :)

I think what I liked most was the sense of security I had, that everyone involved was interested in making this album and if I had any questions or worries, then we were able to find the best answers to them together. Sometimes it’s really good to ask for a second opinion since talking to your own reflection can get very tiresome.

What do you as the 2019 winner think is the recipe for success that you would recommend to other young musicians?

The most important thing to understand is that like everything else in life, your creations are also constantly evolving. That you will never be completely done. And no track is ever perfect. And that’s perfectly normal – because we experience so many new things every day, we get all this new information and skills and knowledge that we can use. In other words, trust yourselves and your music. In this moment, right now.

And don’t be afraid to continue learning and experiencing things constantly, don’t be afraid to ask for advice or to get constructive feedback or criticism. Everything is good for something!

And lastly, please share with us three reasons why you would recommend that all other young musicians take part in ADM’s Battle of the Bands.
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