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Let’s make a record!

We are looking for good Estonian music to help get published. For over 10 years now, we here at ADM have been actively supporting awesome music projects and instead of the traditional souvenirs, we have given our friends brand new records as Christmas presents. Now, we are once again looking for a great artist or band whose creations we could help get out of the rehearsal room and to the fans.

This year, we will mainly focus on sharing the winner’s music on Spotify and Apple Music but on top of that, we will also help you produce a physical vinyl record so that in addition to the digital channels, your music could be enjoyed in a truly natural and authentic way.

If you already have the materials you need but lack the resources to take the next step, then we are here to help you. Simply send us your demos and you may just be the one whose vinyl record will end up in our Christmas packages this year.

Send us your demo by November 4, 2022

What we expect from you

  • unique music that isn’t extremely radical, angry or offensive. We are looking for something completely new and fresh, which means that pure mainstream is not our jam. You can check out the “Published records” section below to get an idea of what we have liked so far.
  • masters for at least 4 tracks by November 4, 2022.

What exactly are we offering

  • we will promote you properly. We will share your music with 500 of Estonia’s most important key contacts in IT, digital and marketing (our clients, partners and employees) via Spotify’s and Apple Music’s streaming platforms.
  • we will also cover the production costs of 7-inch vinyl records (the complete package – vinyl record, sleeve), which can hold up to 10 minutes of music.
  • you will receive ~100 vinyls.
    We will send records along with their streaming links and an overview of the artist to our partners and clients as a gift.
  • if you wish, we will help you with some designs (the vinyl record and its sleeve etc).
  • if you wish, we will create a website for your brand or project.
  • If you wish, we will give you a crash course in digital and social media marketing.

The song on the vinyl record will also be published on Spotify, Apple Music, or both no later than 20.12.2022. ADM will send a public link to the songs to its partners and customers, along with the vinyl records.

If these conditions are suitable for you, then send us a link with your demos by November 4 via Soundcloud, Dropbox or something similar. You should also definitely send us your demos even if you can’t cover studio and mastering costs right now. Together, we will find a way to get your worthy musical creations to the wider public as well.

We will pick our favourite from among all the applicants in the middle of November at the latest and from there, we will start work on publishing their music. You will receive the vinyl records at the beginning of the new year.

If you have any questions or want to get more information, please write us at

Published records




State of Zoe

Esimene EP


Kristjan Randalu ja Vaiko Eplik



Wrupk Urei



Sander Mölder ja OYT



DJ Käärkäsi remix-teip



Steps to synapse



Erki Pärnoja



Sander Mölder

TIKS 068





Kelly Vask

She Sin(g)s


Maris Pihlap

Maris Pihlap


elisabeth tiffany

cure me back


What artists are saying

elisabeth tiffany

„I would never have thought in my life that I would be able to bring my 'first calves' to the public in such a spectacular way. I am truly grateful to ADM who made such a utopian dream possible!”

Maris Pihlap

„Cooperation with ADM was pleasant and smooth, especially because I was still given a lot of freedom - I didn't have the fear many people may have with such a competition that now it's ADM's record and I won't be able to do it exactly the way I would like it to be.”

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Kelly Vask

„Before Christmas of this year, 500 people will already know your music! And I must admit, the thought of someone in Germany having my album on top of their cupboard is very sweet.”

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Sander Mölder

„I was very happy with the cooperation. I especially liked the fact that ADM approached everyone on a personal level. Thanks to that, we were able to quickly figure out what everyone was after and from there on, it was smooth sailing.“

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„If you have been dreaming for a long time, then now is the time to get to work and you will have gained the best company to help you out with their team – truly!”

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Erki Pärnoja

„ADM offers you the chance of sharing your music with the wider public. And since that is one of the biggest goals and dreams that all of us have, then you really don’t need to think of any other reasons to participate :)“

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