ADM Media

ADM Media, the forward-thinking digital media agency within the ADM Group. Our expertise lies in seamlessly integrating AdTech and MarTech solutions into your marketing campaigns and processes, empowering you to effectively manage every aspect of your company’s digital presence.

Beyond traditional digital media buying, our primary focus is on automating digital media planning and purchasing. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we streamline the entire process, ensuring optimal efficiency and results for your campaigns.

Our dedicated team is here to develop tailored digital media strategies and execute impactful campaigns that align with your goals. We take care of media planning and buying, meticulously setting up tagging systems to enable in-depth KPI (Key Performance Indicators) analyses or managing your social media presence.

When it comes to creatives, we’ve got you covered. Starting from scratch with a creative concept or working with your existing master creative, we produce the necessary visuals and content. Whether you need a complete creative concept or simply format resizing, our skilled team delivers captivating materials that resonate with your audience.

At ADM Media, we harness the power of AdTech and MarTech solutions to automate your marketing processes. From marketing automation to comprehensive analytics, we deploy advanced BI and data modelling techniques, as well as machine learning-based automation, to optimize your campaigns and drive tangible results.

Digital Expertise

  • With 8 years of exceptional digital solutions, we’re the region’s leading agency, dedicated to harnessing digital power for unmatched client success.
  • Our media team holds 150+ certifications from top platforms like Facebook, Google Ads, LinkedIn, and more, reflecting our commitment to staying ahead in the digital landscape. 
  • Leveraging our tech team’s expertise, we provide cutting-edge AdTech/MarTech strategies and custom cloud-based solutions, seamlessly integrating advanced tools for effective media planning and execution.


  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Ad Campaigns planning and optimizing
  • Programmatic Advertising
  • Analytics, Dashboards
  • SEO
  • Social Media Management
  • Offline/Online Conversion Tracking
  • Server-Side Tagging (cookie-less analytics, campaign optimization and retargeting)
  • Competitor Tracking Dashboards
  • Facebook Dynamic Banners


  • Adform Premium Partner
  • Facebook Marketing Partner
  • Google Partner
  • Facebook Media Buying Professional
  • Facebook Creative Strategy Professional
  • Facebook Marketing Science Professional
  • Facebook Media Planning Professional
Andres Laaspere
Business Development Lead


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