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Maris Pihlap

Holding your very first record physically, and on vinyl, is still a super cool feeling.

The cooperation with ADM was pleasant and smooth, especially because I was still given a lot of freedom - I didn't have the fear many people may have with such a competition that now it's ADM's record, and I won't be able to do it exactly the way I would like it to be.

What did you gain from participating in ADM’s Battle of the Bands?

The most valuable thing that such competitions can give to artistic people is deadlines. It doesn't matter how much brilliant music you have on your computer as unfinished projects or how much you tell your friends that "soon I'll start doing my own thing", at some point you need to actually do these things (even the boring parts) and consider them finished. For me, in the same way, winning the competition was accompanied by a sense of responsibility - if we postpone the publication now, we have to answer to others and not just ourselves. When I submitted the songs to the competition, I was already so far along with my EP that even without the win, the record would have been released, but probably just a little later and maybe not on a physical medium. And let's be honest, holding your very first record physically, and on vinyl, is still a super cool feeling.

Was the album that ADM helped you release your very first record? How many records have you released after that?

I've released band music before, but this was my first time recording under my own name. Since only 3 songs could fit on a small vinyl, together with TIKS records, we also released a so-called extended version of the same record with six songs in February. And the next, full-length record is currently in the works.

Were you satisfied with our cooperation? What did you like most about it?

The cooperation with ADM was pleasant and smooth, especially since I was still given a lot of freedom - there was no feeling at all that many people fear with such a competition, that now it is ADM's record, and you can't do everything exactly as I would like to. It still became my record with my face, which I can be very proud of, ADM only added momentum and was helpful.

What do you as the 2020 winner think is the recipe for success that you would recommend to other young musicians?

It might sound a little frustrating, but lately, it seems to me that all kinds of wins go to people who aren't desperately chasing them. You have to be ready to win. Therefore, I recommend not setting the goal to win the competition, but a little further than that: in this case, for example, to make a very good record. In this way, you are actually ready to continue to act if you are selected. And the most important thing of all (!!!) is not to put your value as a musician in these wins/losses and to continue to act despite the unwanted results. You yourself know best what your potential is.

And lastly, please share with us three reasons why you would recommend that all other young musicians take part in ADM’s Battle of the Bands.

In order to not contradict my previous story, I have to say that all musicians in the world do not have to participate right away, surely someone's time will be next year or the year after that, there is no need to panic rush everything in life. But if you have creations in your drawer that you want to release, but you keep thinking that "oh, maybe one day when I have more time" or "it's not perfect yet, I'll write a new song tomorrow, it will be better", then it's not an apology, pure submission effort! There's nothing to lose, there's a lot of motivation and momentum to do what you're doing.

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