Elevator Startups

Elevator Startups is a Startup Incubation, Product Development, and Investments team within ADM Group. We are dedicated to supporting startups throughout their journey by offering a comprehensive range of services. With our extensive business network, we help startups validate their product and business models, guiding them towards success. Our expertise lies in helping you secure your first major customers, setting the foundation for growth.

With a robust portfolio of 14 companies and around 100 potential investments in our pipeline, we have a strong track record in identifying and nurturing promising startups. Our in-house startup incubator, Elevator, serves as a platform for investing in and developing new business ideas. Additionally, we collaborate with established businesses to drive corporate innovation, assisting them in transforming their business models and supporting product development.

Our investment principles revolve around key criteria that ensure long-term success:

  • Strong and Diverse Founding Team: We seek startups with a highly capable and diverse team of peer founders, as we believe that a strong team is essential for driving innovation and overcoming challenges.
  • Scalability and Ambition: We look for startups with the potential for scalable growth and a clear vision for ambitious expansion in their respective markets.
  • “Unfair” Competitive Advantage: We invest in startups that possess an “unfair” competitive advantage, such as proprietary technology, unique intellectual property, or a differentiated value proposition that presents a high cost to copy.

Our investment focus primarily revolves around AdTech, MediaTech, and B2B SaaS platforms. By investing in these sectors, we capitalize on emerging trends and leverage our expertise to maximize the potential for success.

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Jaak Ennuste