Server-Side Tagging  

Server-side tagging is a smart solution that focuses on user permission and prepares your business for the future. As third-party cookies fade out, this method becomes crucial for data-driven companies. With server-side tagging, we add an extra step to how we gather data. We help to set up your own server that hosts a special container that manages this process.

The benefits of server-side tagging:

  • You own your data and user permissions.
  • Even when third-party cookies go away, your own cookies stay effective.
  • Your website loads faster.
  • You are less affected by ad blockers.
  • You see the complete picture of how customers interact with your brand.
  • You have control over what data is shared with other companies.

Team behind this service

  • ADM Media
Andres Laaspere
Business Development Lead


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