Self-service kiosks and Digital Screen Development

Digital kiosks and screens are interactive computer stations strategically placed in public areas for user interaction. These kiosks serve as self-service solutions, offering vital and captivating information across various industries and scenarios.

At ADM, we specialize in constructing interactive kiosk services that encompass touch screen functionality, animation, virtual keyboards, graphics, multimedia, digital signatures, and camera applications. Through dynamic control of the customer experience, we empower you to provide optimal service. Our seasoned design team crafts user experiences tailored to the kiosk environment, ensuring alignment with your brand.

Advantages of a Digital Kiosks:

  • Engaging Interaction: Presents information in a captivating manner, allowing clients to interact seamlessly with your company.
  • Efficiency Boost: Streamlines processes and facilitates task management.
  • Feedback Collection: Enables in-store surveys to gather opinions, complaints, and suggestions from customers.

Team behind this service

  • ADM Interactive
  • ADM Unit X
Tõnis Nerep
Business Development Lead


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