Offline/Online Conversion Tracking 

Offline conversions refer to actions that customers take beyond your website, such as making purchases, subscribing, and other engagements that occur off-site. The aim is to recognize every point of contact customers utilize to fulfill a call to action. Tracking offline conversions serves the purpose of bridging information gaps and eliminating guesswork. You gain precise insights into conversion processes that initiate online and conclude offline, determining which campaigns yield valuable results for the effort and advertising expenditure.

Why embrace offline conversion tracking?

  • Observe how consumers navigate your sales funnel.
  • Enhance and personalize the customer journey.
  • Analyse offline conversion events to pinpoint top-performing keywords and targeting criteria.
  • Enhance analytics for both online and offline channels.

As a seasoned digital agency, we bring the power of insight and innovation to your business with our comprehensive offline conversion tracking service. We understand that the modern customer journey extends beyond the virtual realm, and we are here to ensure that no valuable conversion goes unnoticed.

Team behind this service

  • ADM Media
Andres Laaspere
Business Development Lead


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