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How did we manage a 104% increase in sign-ups in just 6 months? Kauri, a conversion rate expert at ADM, gives an insightful overview of our work with Promoty. 

Promoty logo
Promoty logo

What do you do at ADM? 

I’m Kauri Ääremann, a Business Analyst at ADM, specializing in Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). I combine skills in business analysis, user research, and a deep focus on CRO. My work with Promoty, an influencer marketing tool, highlights the impact of strategic CRO on business success. 

Could you describe the project? 

We aimed to enhance Promoty’s website user experience and search engine visibility through CRO tactics and UX best practices. The main goals were to increase sign-ups, improve conversion rates, and boost organic traffic. 

Who was the client? 

Promoty is a well-known influencer marketing platform used by over 10,000 brands globally. It streamlines finding and managing influencers from a vast database of 250 million profiles, offering detailed insights and easy organization of influencer contacts. 

Promoty website screenshot

What unique challenges did Promoty face? 

Promoty had a few tricky challenges. First off, they needed to make their product stand out in the busy world of influencer marketing. This meant finding a way to show what makes Promoty different and better than others, in a way that clicked with different types of customers, from solo influencers to big brands. 

Then there was the challenge of meeting the needs of these varied customers. Each group – be it small influencers or large agencies – has its own set of wants and issues. Our job was to make Promoty’s features appealing and useful for all these different users. 

Showing off all Promoty’s features in an easy-to-get way was another hurdle. With so many tools and services on offer, we had to make sure that the website was not only user-friendly but also explained things clearly and compellingly. 

A big part of our task was to make the website not just attract visitors but get them to sign up. This meant balancing catchy content, an easy-to-navigate design, and smart SEO tactics. 

And all of this had to be done on a pretty tight budget, especially when it came to SEO and website development. We had to think smart and focus on changes that would make a big impact without breaking the bank. 

How did you address these challenges? 

Addressing Promoty’s challenges was a bit like solving a complex puzzle. We divided our efforts into two main areas: conversion rate optimization (CRO) and search engine optimization (SEO). 

For the CRO part, we started with a deep dive into both Promoty’s product and its industry. It was like putting ourselves in the shoes of their various users – understanding what makes the tool tick, its unique selling points, and what each type of user was looking for. This helped us get a clear picture of how to make the website not just informative, but also engaging and persuasive for different audiences. 

Next, we took a deep dive into Promoty’s website. It was a bit like a treasure hunt – we combed through the site to spot opportunities for improvement, big or small, that could make the user experience smoother and boost conversions. Then came the prioritization of improvements. We focused on the ‘low hanging fruit’ – changes that were easy to implement but promised significant returns. It was all about being smart with our resources, making sure every effort counted. 

Promoty website screenshot

We didn’t try to do everything at once. Instead, we broke the work down into smaller, manageable tasks. This approach allowed us to track what changes were making a difference and which weren’t, so we could adjust our strategy in real time. 

The SEO part was a parallel journey. We revamped the website’s content to make it more SEO-friendly, ensuring that Promoty would pop up when potential users were looking for influencer marketing solutions. 

Throughout this process, we followed a build-measure-learn cycle. Every time we made a change, we measured its impact to see if it worked. Think of it as a constant cycle of tweaking, testing, and refining – always with an eye on how it affected user sign-ups and engagement. 

What were the project’s key outcomes? 

We significantly increased Promoty’s sign-ups by 104% over 6 months and tripled its organic search traffic. This led to increased client onboarding and a direct positive impact on their monthly recurring revenue. The project also strengthened our relationship with the client and built mutual trust among all stakeholders. 

What insights did you gain? 

Every industry has its unique challenges. Understanding and aligning with these challenges is crucial. This project was a learning curve for us, helping to refine our CRO services to be leaner and more effective. 

What was your personal experience? 

From a personal perspective, the experience was very positive. Developing a strong relationship and trust with the client contributed to a smooth and successful project. The positive team dynamics also had a beneficial impact on the business results. Each project enhances my knowledge in CRO and SEO, broadening my expertise and allowing me to identify effective strategies more quickly. 

How does this case study influence ADM’s future strategies? 

This case study underscores the effectiveness of CRO for online businesses. It motivates us to continuously improve our CRO services, aiming to replicate these results with all our clients. 

What was the client feedback on this 6-month process? 

“From our perspective, the collaboration was pleasant and productive. Kauri and the team really delved into our challenges and business logic (the calls were definitely helpful here) and the proposals made were entirely logical.”Marelle Ellen, Chief Marketing Officer in Promoty, Marketing Consultant & Co-host of grit. Podcast.

Promoty website screenshot

Want to know how we can elevate your website’s performance? Learn more about how our CRO services can transform your site’s ROI or follow Kauri on LinkedIn for more tips and case studies. 

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