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Engage More with Less: The DYNAMI:T Zero Campaign Breakdown


The Beginning

A. Le Coq introduced a new energy drink named “DYNAMI:T Zero.” This drink had the same delightful flavor as the original DYNAMI:T, but without any sugar. We were excited to be part of this project and contribute to its success. However, we faced some significant challenges.


Limited Budget: With a smaller budget than our main competitors, reaching and effectively engaging our target audience was a challenge.
Competition: Social media users are constantly bombarded with ads. Standing out and capturing attention in this crowded space is a significant hurdle.

Our Main Objectives

  • Reach as many people as possible.
  • Leave a lasting impression.

Hypothesis 1: By blending traditional ad formats with interactive ones, we believe we can achieve better results. Some formats are affordable but might not be as memorable. Others are more memorable but come with a higher cost.
Hypothesis 2: Consolidating our ads and optimizing them collectively can boost our coverage without sacrificing engagement. This is essential, even if a single ad’s goal doesn’t align with the overall campaign optimization objective.

Campaign Overview

  • Duration: 4 weeks (13th March to 6th April 2023)
  • Objective: Introduce the new product, DYNAMI:T ZERO.
  • Target Audience: Men and women aged 18-39.
  • Channels Used: Instagram and Facebook.
  • Campaign Keywords: Familiar taste, sugar-free, wild, crazy.
  • Media Budget: 1-2k EUR
Creative mix

Campaign Tactics

Objective: Our primary aim was to convey our product’s message effectively, considering our brand identity, target audience, and budget constraints.

Impact: Simply using traditional reach banners isn’t enough. Increased engagement is crucial for brand recall and influencing buying behavior. We aimed to incorporate high-engagement tactics to ensure our brand remains top-of-mind and fosters brand loyalty.

Creative Production: We used two types of creative formats. Firstly, traditional banners (image banners, videos) to maximize reach. Additionally, interactive banners and engagement posts (poll ads, collaboration posts) were used to boost brand recall.

Campaign Optimization: All ads, including interactive ones, were optimized to achieve maximum reach. Our primary goal was to maximize reach while also promoting engagement for better brand recall.

Campaign’s Creative Mix

  • Reels: Most watched format with the best organic reach.
  • Image Banners: Low-cost ad format to maximize reach.
  • Collab Posts: Helps to improve brand favorability.
  • Poll Ads: Increases the likelihood of our audience remembering us. We used interactive formats alongside traditional banners to drive better brand recall.
Optimized ads


Impressions vs. Engagement: With just over a 1k budget, we generated 850k impressions with a 40% lower CPM (Cost Per Mille) than the average of the last 6 months. Moreover, our efforts led to 6482 engagements, which, based on the average engagement cost of DYNAMI:T’s social media content, would have otherwise cost us an additional 2722.

Analysis: Our results validate both our hypotheses. By using a diverse mix of creatives and streamlined optimization, we expanded our coverage without sacrificing engagement. Leveraging interactive formats yielded results that would have been pricier with a traditional campaign.

Top Performers – Interactive Poll Ads: These ads significantly contributed to our campaign, accounting for a whopping 56% of total engagement. They were 44% more cost-effective compared to the overall campaign’s CPM.

Top Performer

Key Takeaways

  • Strategically optimized interactive solutions add value to your campaign.
  • A combination of different ad formats can enhance results.
  • Always consider your target audience and placement when designing creatives.
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