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The annual ADM band competition has begun

Photo: adm-band-2023-1080×1080
Photo: adm-band-2023-1080×1080

The ADM Band Competition is looking for new stars of the Estonian music scene: send us your music and win the release of a vinyl record!

Today, the annual ADM band competition has begun. All musicians in Estonia with new, interesting, and unique creations are invited to join the competition. The focus of the competition is to support new Estonian artists by helping the winner to share their music in global digital streaming environments and releasing a vinyl record. In order to participate, please send us your demo by September 30th at the latest.

The goal of the competition, which will be held for the 15th time already, is to support beginner artists and enable them to introduce their music on a wider scale, publishing it in global digital streaming environments Spotify and Apple Music, and on a vinyl record. All Estonian musicians who wish to find new opportunities to introduce their positive music to a wider audience are invited to join the competition.

According to ADM CEO and the founder of the competition Riho Pihelpuu, the competition offers a great chance to promote Estonian music and support beginner artists: “A lot of very good and exciting music is being produced in Estonia, which may not reach the wider public. Our goal is to contribute to the development of Estonian music, and this is why the ADM Band Competition was created 15 years ago. As of today, hundreds of different artists have participated, among them today’s stars like Sander Mölder, Erki Pärnoja, OOPUS, and Maris Pihlap. If you wish your music to be more widely recognized, be sure to send us your demos!”

The band Onkel Jonkel, who won the ADM Band Competition last year, said it was a great stepping stone for their future development: „ADM gave Onkel Jonkel a significant push to continue on our musical path and in a way justified our academic pause from school. A vinyl record is every artist’s dream, and thanks to ADM, 7 inches of that dream has come true.“

ADM Band Competition was not the only big win for Onkel Jonkel. This year, they also won the student band competition in Tartu: “This wave of success gave us a lot of performing opportunities in different events, for example as a warm-up act for Zetod at Otepää Park Party, and gigs at the students’ summer camp event, and Treski and Kõiguste festivals. We had a lot of good press as well last year – news have been published in news portals, the morning TV-programme Terevisioon, and on radio platforms. The ADM experience got the ball rolling and a lot of exciting and challenging projects followed. Today, we are super motivated to bring new music to our listeners. Big thanks from us to ADM. We recommend all musicians to take part in the competition – for the enthusiasts, success is guaranteed!“

All beginner musicians in Estonia who wish to introduce their music to a wider public and release it in a physical form are invited to join the ADM Band Competition. To participate, please send us the introduction of yourself or your band together with at least four tracks, so that the jury can get the best possible idea of ​​the artist, their sound language, and their potential as a musician.

The winner will be announced in October. From there, we will start work on publishing the vinyl record. The winner will also receive the opportunity to introduce their music in digital streaming environments. In addition to this, the winner can participate in social media training where the best specialists in Estonia advise them on how to promote their music on digital channels.

The conditions for participation, the deadlines, and the contact information of the ADM Band Competition can be found here.

From here you can find what the previous winners of the ADM Band Competitions think about it and how the competition has helped to boost their music careers.

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