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Mariin Kallikorm won the ADM Band Competition 2023

Photo: MicrosoftTeams-image
Photo: MicrosoftTeams-image

The ADM Band Competition of 2023 was won by Mariin Kallikorm with her EP “In Your Mind,” which will be available on Spotify starting December 2023 and released on vinyl at the beginning of 2024.

In its 15th year, the ADM Band Competition received nearly 30 different entries from various genres, out of which two exceptionally talented artists advanced to the final round. Jury members Riho Pihelpuu, Hendrek Kraavi, and Kärt Kalamees selected the winner from this pool of strong finalists—Mariin Kallikorm’s four-song dream pop EP, “In Your Mind.”

Riho Pihelpuu, the competition’s initiator and leader, expressed his thoughts on the music, saying, “Mariin’s songs were somehow more comprehensive, especially in terms of the instrumental composition. Despite the relatively uniform tracks, she managed to infuse them with changes and surprises.”

Mariin Kallikorm is a multifaceted artist actively involved in various musical projects, including playing the guitar in different bands. She has had the privilege of performing in the UK, Serbia, Poland, and other places. Throughout her life, Mariin has nurtured the dream of releasing her own music, and now she’s achieved it. She describes her songs as “somewhat dreamy, somewhat melancholic. Pure and deeply personal, these songs were written during a challenging period in my life. Releasing them is a way of moving forward from that period.”

Hendrek Kraavi praised the EP, stating, “It is pure and beautiful, with a slightly ethereal dream pop sound that offers solace in our current turbulent world. It seems like the world needs such a record right now.”

We anticipate that the ADM Band Competition is only the initial step on Mariin’s journey toward a solo career in the music industry. All songs on her EP were recorded, produced, and written by Mariin alone or together with fellow musicians.

Mariin said that the ADM Band Competition was too good of an opportunity to pass up: “As an indie artist, it’s easy to put music on platforms like Spotify through online distribution, but reaching vinyl and the right audience is challenging. So, I’m very grateful for this opportunity from ADM. I hope that releasing my first EP in such a dignified way will help me prioritize my music more in the future and consistently release new material. The drawer is a nice place, but it could use some fresh air from time to time.”

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The next ADM Band Competition is scheduled for the fall of 2024.

The competition began in 2009, stemming from ADM CEO Riho Pihelpuu’s deep passion for music and his commitment to supporting Estonian music and contributing to its growth. Over the years, many now well-known artists such as Onkel Jonkel, Elisabeth Tiffany Lepik, Kristjan Randalu and Vaiko Eplik, Sander Mölder, Kelly Vask, Maris Pihlap, OOPUS, and others have emerged as winners of the ADM Band Competition.

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