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ADM recognized for creating Bosch Home Appliances’s enhanced booking environment

Photo: Tonis
Photo: Tonis

BSH´s Northern European Customer Services organization won the BSH Global Customer Service Best Practice Award 2019. With regards to that, ADM Interactive was recognised for the new solution they created, which will be enhancing the current Bosch Home Appliances Customer Service booking environment. The new solution was tested successfully in Northern Europe and will be implemented globally.

BSH´s Northern European Customer Services department was looking for innovating the current service booking system to improve usability and overall user experience.

ADM Interactive and ADM Cloudtech were hired to create a new solution called Typeplate Scanner, which makes booking a service technician for a visit much easier than ever before. Previously, customers would have to write down a lot of details about the appliance that needed repairs on BSH’s website. Now however, all they need to do is take a photo of the tag on the appliance and upload it into the system, which will then use artificial intelligence to find the product code for that appliance.

The work done in cooperation with ADM’s cloud service specialists eventually reached a point where they created the symbiosis of an application written in PHP and Google’s machine learning model Cloud Vision, which can quickly and flawlessly pull the required information from photos of varying degrees of quality. As a result, the number of bookings that had incorrect or missing information on them was reduced, which enabled customers to book a visit faster and much easier, which in turn increased the satisfaction rating of the service.

According to Tõnis Nerep, Project Manager at ADM Interactive, the project is a prime example of how the different skillsets and competencies of ADM’s team create an ideal synergy. “After we had agreed on the architecture of the solution, our heads of product development and strategy got together with the developers and in less than two months, they had created a detailed vision for the project as well as a prototype with a working technical solution. ADM Cloudtech’s team played a very important role in this as they were the ones who combined the Google Vision application, cloud services, and the user-centred booking system into a flawlessly working complete solution.”

Nerep also said that the new solution is universal and can be implemented across various industries to simplify maintenance processes, quickly find product details or other similar activities that usually require a lot of time.

„After the concept of the new solution was worked out, I was glad to see that ADM shared the excitement for this project. Their work was fast, professional and they weren’t just excecuting a task that was given to them, but they were thinking together with me every step of the way to reach the best posstible solution.“ – Meril Lugima, Web & eCommerce Specialist at BSH Home Appliances.

The award-winning solution was created as a result of the work done by ADM’s product development specialist, head of strategy, developers, designers, and project manager.

After the prototype, which was created during the initial phase of the project, was tested, the new solution was implemented in multiple North European countries over the course of two weeks. Currently, it is already being used in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. Within the next few months, the new functionality will also be implemented in other countries.

ADM group, which was founded in 1997, is a company based on Estonian capital with over 120 employees that provides digital, IT, development and infrastructure solutions. ADM group’s annual sales turnover is over 8 million euros, 40% of which is comprised of export. Our clients are well-known Estonian and international organisations, such as Hewlett-Packard, Bosch & Siemens Home Appliances, Toyota, G4S, Coop, SEB Bank, Amserv Group, SK ID Solutions and various state departments.

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