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ADM helps Estonian musicians start their careers

Photo: oopus
Photo: oopus

ADM Interactive has been supporting Estonian music for nearly ten years, giving one musician’s career a proper kick-start every year. Thanks to us, for example, Kristjan Randalu and Vaiko Eplik’s album Kooskõla (Harmony), as well as Erki Pärnoja’s Efterglow, Ajavares’ Ulmama and several other albums all had the chance to be released. Traditionally, we have always given these new albums to our good friends and partners.

This year, we decided to give a helping hand to the audiovisual folktronic ensemble OOPUS, where instruments known from traditional music meet electronic music and special visuals, giving as a resulting in a psy-ambient-techno-trad. OOPUS’ debut album, Nõidus (Enchantment), came out in February of 2019.

“OOPUS and ADM Interactive’s creations have a lot in common – a bold blend of disparate genres which include different media. Putting together a blend like that demands audacity as well as the ability to think outside the box. So, we strongly suggest keeping an eye on their activity,“ said the CEO of ADM Interactive Riho Pihelpuu.

As has become tradition, ADM’s friends, clients and partners were the first ones to have the elves fill their Christmas stockings with OOPUS’ album.

Over the years, ADM has collaborated with Sander Mölder and TIKS, Erki Pärnoja, Wrupk Urei and many other talented musicians. Since ADM’s team has, from the beginning, included well-known musicians as well as DJ’s, the foundations were well-prepared for this kind of Christmas tradition. This is also one of the reasons why we have been in partnership for years with Juu Jääb Festival.

Examples of ADM’s cooperation with musicians can be heard here:

Sander Mölder & TIKS 068

Erki Pärnoja & Efterglow

Steps To Synapse & Desires

DJ Käärkäsi and Meloodia

Wrupk Urei and Teahupoo

Vaiko Eplik & Kristjan Randalu and Kooskõla

Ajavares and Ulmama

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