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ADM and Toyota Baltic won the Grand Prix at Aasta Digitegu 2022

Photo: automotive-ads-diagram
Photo: automotive-ads-diagram

The innovative digital media solution created as a joint effort of Toyota Baltic and three different business lines of ADM won the innovative digital marketing category award and the Grand Prix at the Aasta Digitegu 2022. The project that earned ADM and Toyota both prizes is the automated Facebook dynamic advertising solution created to increase the efficiency of ongoing digital campaigns by Toyota.

Toyota Baltic’s digital campaign was developed together with Toyota and ADM’s media, IT solution development and website content management business lines. The purpose of the campaign was to raise interest in Toyota models by increasing the efficiency and quality of purchased digital activities and thereby increase car sales. Technically, the objective of the campaign was to increase the conversion rate of the goals set on Toyota’s website. For this, ADM used Facebook’s new Automotive Model Ads solution, created especially for the automotive industry.

“As far as we know, we were the first ones in the Baltics to successfully test and launch a media solution based on Automotive Model Ads, and we immediately saw that it is a very good tool for increasing the quality of traffic on Toyota’s website. Toyota trusted our expert opinion, and the good results of the campaign only confirmed this. Thanks to a well-targeted campaign, we directed those car enthusiasts who wanted to buy cars with specific characteristics that Toyota offered to the Toyota website. Therefore, the campaign was not only innovative, but also equally useful for both the car seller and car buyers,” said Riho Pihelpuu, CEO of ADM Interactive.

As part of the campaign that was recognized with the Innovative digital marketing award and the Grand Prix, ADM set up analytics for Toyota Baltic website, tuned Meta Pixel, created Automotive Model Ads compliant catalogues with all available models and parameters, and improved the design and consistency of the visuals used in the campaign. To bring down the cost of the ongoing management of the solution that has countless combinations of product parameters, works in three countries and several languages, ADM created the system as automated as possible. An important part of this solution is the interface with the Toyota website, so that the system always has the most recent product information.

Toyota Baltic marketing manager Elli Tiivel said that the journey of a car buyer has changed in recent years, and as a rule it no longer starts with a visit to a car showroom, but with searching for information online: “The process of collecting and comparing information is longer and more comprehensive than before. Facebook’s dynamic ads have been very helpful here in recommending suitable models and leading directly to additional information on the home page. The elimination of manual labour and the automation of processes and the ongoing analysis of the results are the basis of effective digital marketing. ADM understands Toyota’s needs and the direction to be innovative not only in the production of vehicles, but also in how to deliver the necessary information to the right person at the right time. We are very grateful to ADM for their courage, hard work and, of course, the results that speak for themselves.”

Thanks to the automated dynamic advertising solution, where the visual, text, call-to-action and reference of the ad are automatically put together according to the user’s profile, there is no need to constantly change the ads manually. The design solution was also created automatically – images from Toyota’s web are automatically processed into the correct format and thematic photo frames are added to them to better stand out on Facebook.

Riho Pihelpuu also praised the customer for their courage and curiosity: “I want to once again recognize Toyota Baltic for being always open to innovative solutions. They have encouraged and inspired us to always test new possibilities and technologies. And not only inspired, but even set the goal that we would always propose and test various new solutions that have not yet been done in the Baltics. Cooperation with Toyota is a good example of the synergy between the client and the agency.”

As a result of the five-month campaign, the quality of traffic directed to the Toyota website and the conversion rate in Estonia improved by 139% compared to other paid digital activities. In Latvia and Lithuania, the same figure was 96% and 126%, respectively.

Toyota Baltic’s innovative campaign, which won two of the most important prizes, took place from 1.09.2021 to 31.01.2022. The winners of the Aasta Digitegu 2022 were announced at the Estonian digital marketing annual conference Best Internet 2022.

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