Stockmann Deli

Stockmann Delikatess

Stockmann, a renowned name in the industry, has been synonymous with heritage and excellence since its establishment in Helsinki in 1852. Since its Estonian debut in 1993, Stockmann has rapidly grown to become the largest department store in the Baltics by 2000. Today, Stockmann’s flagship store proudly stands in the vibrant heart of Tallinn, continuing its legacy of offering high-quality products and elegant experiences.

Our partnership with Stockmann goes beyond traditional retail. We have embraced digital transformation by launching the Stockmann Deli e-shop. The Deli offers an exquisite selection of nearly 22,000 products, featuring a rich variety of goods from local producers as well as exclusive Stockmann-imported items. The Stockmann Deli brand guarantees that products are crafted according to Stockmann’s cherished recipes, ensuring a unique culinary experience for every customer.

This venture reflects our shared dedication to innovation, customer service excellence, and delivering the finest selections directly to consumers’ doorsteps.


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