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ADM Cloudtech digital support to the NHS Covid-19 Vaccination Centre at Epsom Downs Racecourse

Photo: MicrosoftTeams-image (5)
Photo: MicrosoftTeams-image (5)

Following the Covid-19 vaccine roll out at the end of 2020, ADM Cloudtech has been providing IT support to the NHS COVID-19 vaccination centre at Epsom Downs Racecourse.

ADM is extremely proud to have supported the social enterprise CSH Surrey, who have led this NHS COVID-19 vaccination centre. The centre went through a rapid transformation to open its doors on 11 January 2021, to provide the vaccine to our most vulnerable citizens.

We applaud the thousands of clinical, logistics and IT professionals who worked tirelessly behind the scenes before the COVID-19 vaccination was approved.

The role of ADM Cloudtech UK

Two months on, close to 2,000 people per day are receiving their vaccine at Epsom Downs.

Numbers are set to increase as the target age groups for vaccination get younger. ADM Cloudtech have provided the technology to simulate and model crowd movement, identify resource and staffing requirements, pre-empting bottlenecks.

ADM Cloudtech’s UK Managing Director Kevin London explained:

To set up the vaccination centre, ADM reviewed the digital services that NHS community healthcare provider CSH Surrey could utilise. We migrated their services into the public cloud, transforming the use of their digital assets.

Extraordinary times require fast thinking, the agility to quickly action and respond to the challenge and ensure that you have the right people on the front line to deliver the service. We were honoured to meet this challenge for the NHS in a time of national crisis.

Steve Flanagan, CEO of CSH Surrey said:

Even before the vaccination centre at Epsom Downs was up and running, ADM Cloudtech’s digital expertise shone through. And as CSH Surrey delivers more and more COVID-19 vaccinations, ADM’s support has continued to adapt to the new challenges. Their team has become part of the NHS family.

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