Alexela, one of the biggest energy companies in Estonia, is now using a chat robot created by ADM Interactive. The robot will help them reduce the customer service workload and increase sales even during difficult times.

The chatbot, which is now integrated with Alexela’s website, differs from other similar solutions in that it is not based on machine learning, which makes it a lot less expensive. At the same time, its functionality is on par with that of AI-equipped robots.

“We have been working together with Alexela for a long time and we are constantly looking for new ways of improving their customer experience. The chatbot is a part of the whole solution. Our specific goal here was to reduce the customer service workload by implementing a virtual customer service representative in a way that would avoid huge development costs but would still enable the chatbot to be easily adapted to changing conditions. Together with the client, we decided to use a solution that is not based on machine learning but can still understand the context of the conversation and is easy to manage,” said Andres Laaspere, strategist at ADM Interactive.

The chat robot-like chatbot that assists customers on Alexela’s website can be easily integrated with any website and is capable of working in multiple environments at the same time – for example, on a public website and within an online self-service environment.

According to Laaspere, the strongest aspects of this solution are its quick integration and easy management, “Before the chatbot is implemented, we map out the customer service and sales processes. Then, we need to create a “personality” for the chatbot and write the texts that will be shown to the clients. Once the software development is complete, it will be integrated with pre-existing analytics and the process of how the robot can hand over a conversation to a real person when necessary will also be set up. The whole process only takes a few weeks and can be done on any website, regardless of what technology it is based on or which content management system it uses.”

Another factor that speaks for the use of a chatbot is the significant workload decrease in customer service as easier and more frequent questions can be answered without the need for a representative to intervene. Thanks to this, the overall customer experience and customer satisfaction is improved. Additionally, chatbots help give a thorough overview of customers’ problems as well as how they move on the company’s website, which in turn help to improve existing processes, thus further improving the company’s service standards.

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