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Erki Pärnoja

What did you gain from participating in ADM’s Battle of the Bands?

The cooperation with ADM helped me to believe in myself and it also gave me a boost to keep going. Although I had already been active as a musician for many years, I was still at the beginning of my journey when it came to releasing and performing my music. I was so incredibly happy and grateful that the people at ADM found something in my music, which helped it to stand out. That album was and still is very important to me!

Was the album that ADM helped you release your very first record? How many records have you released after that?

The album ADM helped me make was my second one, but it was still my very first full-length album. It was called Efterglow and it was the full-length sequel to its predecessor, the EP Himmelbjerget. After it got released, I really got into full speed and today, I have reached the point where I am working on my fifth album.

Were you satisfied with our cooperation? What did you like most about it?

I was very satisfied with the cooperation! The team at ADM whom I worked with had very lovely people on it and it was really pleasant to work with them. They thought along with me, they participated actively, they supported me, and they helped get my music to real people. In addition to the opportunity of releasing my music, I also got loads of good advice and tips for designing my first website.

What do you as the 2016 winner think is the recipe for success that you would recommend to other young musicians?

I think that the best recipe of all is to figure out your own personal sound, your way of making music. There really can’t be any other tricks to use. But you have to account for the fact that finding your sound may take a lot of time and it may be a long process. But searching for it is always worth it. If you truly believe in something completely, only then can the opportunity arise where someone else will start vibing on the same wavelength and will be able to recognise the something that they are looking for in your music.

And lastly, please share with us three reasons why you would recommend that all other young musicians take part in ADM’s Battle of the Bands.

ADM offers you the chance of sharing your music with the wider public. And since that is one of the biggest goals and dreams that all of us have, then you really don’t need to think of any other reasons to participate :)

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