Digitegu 2013: best integrated campaign of the year

We carried out an integrated campaign, promoting sales of the magazines “Imeline Ajalugu” (Amazing History) and “Imeline Teadus” (Amazing Science). The campaign was mainly web focused and aimed at acquiring an extra 2000 trial subscriptions and 400 new, long-term subscribers to the magazines. Total number of households identified as the target audience in the regioon where the campaign was releases was approximately 100 000.

Traditional mediums were used – banners, e-mail newsletter and Facebook ads. However, they were released only after a thorough test period to guarantee success.

Imeliste ajakirjade proovitellimuste kampaania


The campaign was unbelievably successful:

  • More than 12 000 trial subscriptions from 9 300 different clients (as some clients ordered both magazines) were made (more than 10% of the whole total target audience.)
  • Within the week campaign page was visited by nearly 25 000 persons (over 3% of the total internet users in the campaign region). Total number of internet users in the campaign market 800 000.
  • The campaign page’s conversion rate was 47%.
  • 93% of the visitors to the campaign page had not visited either magazine’s website in the last year nor participated in earlier campaigns. Thus the campaign message targeted exactly the desired audience.
  • From the trial subscribers, 30% later became long-term subscribers thanks to a telemarketing campaign. The campaign’s ROI was 774%. Every Euro invested in the campaign returned €8.70 – taking into consideration only first year subscriptions. Experience has shown that 2/3 of long-term subscribers continue their subscription at least for one additional year.
  • In one week, we generated over €80 000 in revenue.

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