Digitegu 2014 shortlist

The joint business goal of ADM and G4S was to create a simple as possible and convenient self-service portal, which would improve client relations and give G4S a strategic advantage over the competition. The desired solution required giving clients a greater feeling of security and the assurance that they are in control of the situation. The portal had to provide customers a comfortable overview for monitoring their services.

G4S iseteenindus


E-services allow:

  • to pay and manage invoices
  • to make extracts from call signals
  • to manage objects
  • to change contact persons for objects
  • to view alarm and guard reports
  • to read information on security related incidents in different regions

A special challenge was to create ease of use for large corporate clients who have hundreds of secured objects and linked contact persons.

Developing self-service was an extensive task technically and in terms of time and human resources. Developing the first version of the self-service portal required:

  • 20 000 work hours
  • 250 meetings
  • 300 000 lines of code



In addition to technical tasks, changes were required in the internal processes at G4S as well in order to ensure maximum results. All of the internal units were involved in creating the portal. Achieving user friendliness and comfort required the participation of over 100 people in workgroups. Assistance and feedback was provided by external companies, too.

  • Already in the first year, G4S self-service was used by over 20% of the customer base. In the next year the number increased to over 40%.
  • In the first year, the self-service created more than 17% of extra sales (the target was 10%). Compared to the year before, there was a 40% decrease in contract termination.
  • At the beginning of the year, 40 000 transactions per month are made in the self-service.
  • Client satisfaction surveys have shown that satisfaction with self-service has continuously high ratings.

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