Campaign name Osturalli meaning Sales Rally. The aim of the biggest retail campaign in the target market was to remove the geographic restrictions placed by department stores being located only in regional capitals. The campaign was now also accessible to those who could not make it to the physical stores.
We created a special campaign landing page – a short-term fully functional e-store app with a separate stock inventory, logistics and delivery centre, accounting, client service, etc.



The campaign’s creative concept centred on the rally feeling associated with a Rally: gambling, elbow shoving, and first come first served timeline. The rally feeling was passed on by using a timed Shopping Basket which forced customers to make their choices quickly.

Product choice was restricted in amount and sales days, just as usual in the “physical” retail campaign which is hugely popular. Products coming on sale on future days could be viewed, but the purchase could not be made until the “opening day” for the product. Supplies were limited and many purchases were made in the first hours of the day to ensure securing the product for oneself ahead of others.

For Kaubamaja, the Osturalli web campaign was a unique pilot project: the company had no prior experience in online sales. The company obtained an out-of-the-box e-commerce solution and experience.

In the following campaign as a first in this market cars were also sold online. The cars on sale were among the first products to be sold-out in the first hours of the Rally.


Kaubamaja Osturalli

Kaubamaja Osturalli


  • During the 4 days, the campaign page had over 77 000 unique visitors (the result exceeded the predictions by 26.4%). 50% of the visitors visited the e-store more than once. Total number of internet users in the market 800 000.
  • Actual turnover was 20% greater than the predictions.
  • The share of visitors using a mobile device increased by 26.8%.

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