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„Ma armastan aidata“ (I love to help) is an initiative of MasterCard and Swedbank Estonia and the Good-deed Foundation. It aims to highlight trustworthy, life promoting organisations in Estonia and develop the charity and donation culture. “Ma armastan aidata” was created six years ago as a part of the Swedbank Internet Bank. Since October 2014, “Ma armastan aidata” is an independent charity portal developed by ADM.

Ma Armastan Aidata

Main Goals of the New Portal

Collect more donations by making it easier to find the donation recipient and shortening the donation process as well as giving the clients of other banks the opportunity to participate in charitable projects.

Reducing administrative burden – simplifying the moderation of content, acceptance of projects, communication with donors, financial reporting and obtaining overviews.

Improving communication – offer the donor lasting connection with the supported project.

The content of the website is generated by the creators of the support initiatives: on their own project page, mini-blog or newsletter.


Armastan Aidata

Armastan Aidata


Unique bank link integration:

  • We created a unique bank payment integration in Estonia – a bank solution management module providing 205 unique bank payment links to 41 organisations. All monetary transactions made in the environment reach the bank account of the desired organisation directly.
  • We created the possibility to import into the environment statements on donations made from other banks, so that the management module and project page would show standing order donations made in the environment.
  • For analysing financial data, a system of reference numbers was created. This would allow obtaining an overview of amounts, types, etc. of donations made in the environment from one single source.

Donation Initiatives/Fundraisers (first time in Estonia):

  • For the first time in Estonia we offered standard users the possibility to create public and private fundraisers, where one can call upon others to make donations for a given project. The system is handy when someone wants to opt for donations instead of a birthday or wedding gift.

Different donation possibilities (money, standing order donation, time, Swedbank reward points):

  • In the environment, donators can make single monetary donations, standing orders or devote their personal time (by taking a dog in a shelter for a walk, for example).
  • In the donation environment, Swedbank clients can donate reward points that will automatically be distributed between projects. The bank then transfers monetary funds to the projects.

Administrator area:

  • Organisations obtain an overview of donation statistics. They can communicate with donors, manage project pages and mini-blog to give an overview of the project. Additionally, organisations can import bank statements so that complete information on donations is available in one place.
  • The system has an automated e-mail solution (deadline, fulfilment, etc.).
  • The bank can receive new projects and organisations in the system and manage the existing ones.
  • Clients have an overview of their point donation history.


  • In the first months, over €50 000 was donated and 20% of the donations made were from the customers of other banks who did not have access to this initiative before when it was a part of SwedBank e-bank.
  • The site’s conversion rate in the first year was almost 2,5%.

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