Digitegu 2013: best online ad of the year

We conducted an integrated campaign for recruiting new soldiers to the Scouts Battalion. The campaign was mainly carried out online, stressing the values of the battalion as well as secrecy and novelty.



We used online video banners, where a Scouts Battalion soldier appeared as surprisingly as in a real battle within and on top of the media portal content. The silent army command signs the soldier used on the banners were understandable for the select few.



  • Thanks to the novel approach and eye-catching visual, the banners created record results in Ad-netwoks (CTR over 10%) as well as major online news and content portals.
  • Of the men mobilised through the campaign, a new full platoon sized unit for the Estonian Army special reconnaissance battalion was formed. We needed to attract only persons who were more likely to meet the requirements and who would be willing to serve abroad and had deliver lot of leads because many of the applicants don’t pass the final trials.

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