Maris Pihlap, who won ADM’s 11th annual Battle of the Bands last autumn, recently released her debut album What Have You Become?. If ADM’s friends received Maris’ first EP as an exclusive Christmas present two months ago, then this new album also includes some new tracks.

60 Estonian musicians and collectives sent in their creations for ADM’s 11th annual Battle of the Bands in autumn 2020 where the jury awarded the winning title to violinist, lyricist, and producer Maris Pihlap.

“At the end of last year, we collaborated with Maris to release an exclusive EP that we then gifted to all of ADM’s friends as a Christmas present in two formats – digital and 7-inch vinyl. We added it to our git bag quite early on to ensure that fresh new Estonian music could help bring some light and joy to our friends during the darkest time of the year. Now, Maris’ full-length debut album What Have You Become? is out, which includes all of the tracks that were released with the Battle of the Bands collaboration as well as some new tracks. I would highly recommend giving them a listen!”, said the CEO of ADM and founder of the Battle of the Bands event, Riho Pihelpuu.

What Have You Become? takes the listener along for a musical journey where jazz, folk, and electronic music combine into one.

“The ear longs for contrasts, the authenticity of tradition, the warmth of the exotic, the cleanliness of Nordic minimalism, the variety of the electronic. And alongside all that, a feeling of having roots. I realised all of the ideas that I had at that time. Starting from the moment you start making your own music, all of your days should be free to realise your visions and connect things that at first glance, seem like things that should never be connected. My goal is to create an environment where others could feel that they can share their worries and that they are not the only ones who feel no connection with the sometimes eerily fake positivity,” said Maris Pihlap.

The 12th annual Battle of the Bands will kick off in autumn of this year. Check out the Battle of the Bands website for the terms of participation and to see the winners of previous years and read some intriguing interviews conducted with them.

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