For the last 13 years, the internationally recognised credit assessment company Creditinfo Eesti AS has acknowledged Estonian companies with high credit ratings with the Strongest in Estonia certificate. Among those companies is ADM Interactive who recently received the title of Strongest in Estonia 2015-2019. Although the certificate and title have only been issued since 2006, ADM Interactive have always maintained a high A-group credit rating since its founding in last century.

A credit rating is an indicator that makes it possible to evaluate companies from an economic standpoint. To be able to achieve a high rating, a company’s economic situation and financial results must be good, and they must demonstrate proper payment discipline.

Creditinfo uses nearly 400 different economic and financial indicators to evaluate these aspects of a company. Once all of them have been through a thorough analysis, a credit rating is issued to the company. The highest possible rating that can be achieved is the AAA or “Excellent” credit rating, which indicates that the odds of the company going bankrupt or defaulting on a loan are very low.

Creditinfo has been issuing the Strongest in Estonia certificate for the last 13 years to acknowledge those Estonian companies whose economic behaviour has helped them to achieve a consistently high credit rating and who have thus contributed to the development of the Estonian economy and honest business culture. The certificate is only awarded to those companies who have achieved one of the high A-group credit ratings: AAA or “Excellent”, AA or “Very Good”, and A or “Good”. This means that the title enables companies to stand out from their competitors in a positive manner by demonstrating their good creditworthiness and trustworthiness. As of today, only a small number of Estonian companies have been able to consistently maintain a high credit score – just 4.3%. Thus, the certificate recognises and applauds both the companies themselves as well as their employees.

In October of this year, ADM Interactive was awarded the AAA credit rating and the exclusive title of Strongest in Estonia 2015-2019, which demonstrates that the company has maintained a consistently high A-group rating for five consecutive years. In other words, the certificate shows that we are a company whose financial and economic behaviour has been stable and exemplary and that in addition to having been a trustworthy partner in the past, we are definitely one in the foreseeable future as well.

“On the one hand, the Strongest in Estonia certificate is wonderful feedback to our employees, and it shows that we have been on the right track with everything we have done. On the other hand, it is also an encouraging and positive signal to our existing and future partners in Europe and even further away, since the title is internationally recognised and it shows that we are a trustworthy partner who can be relied on,” said the CEO of ADM Interactive, Riho Pihelpuu.

In the future, ADM is aiming to keep the high level they have achieved. “We have done a lot of work to get to where we are today, and we intend to keep our standards just as high in the future. Our goal and our hope is to keep achieving the same high-level credit rating in the upcoming years,” said Pihelpuu.

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