DevOps Engineer

We’re looking for a DevOps Engineer to join our team. Together we’re going to create systems and write code that automates building various cloud-based systems and daily management of these systems.

ADM Cloudtech is a subunit of ADM Interactive fully specialized in Managed Cloud Hosting services. ADM is a digital solutions agency that creates strategies that help our clients achieve their business goals by using the tools of the digital world. Our new DevOps Engineer will mainly build and manage the automatization of cloud-based infrastructures and servers.

We hope that the following applies to you:

  • You have at least 5-years of experience in the field
  • You have lots of experience with C# and .NET web development, preferably with both .NET Framework and .NET Core
  • You are comfortable with automated testing
  • Keeping up with the current state of .NET/software development as a whole is in your DNA
  • You are familiar with multiple software design patterns
  • Clean code is always your goal
  • You have experience with creating applications with microservice architecture
  • Serverless/containerized cloud services (AWS or Azure) are familiar to you
  • Keeping projects secure is your commitment
  • You’d like to be responsible for structured growth in C# expertise in the company
  • You have experience with agile projects
  • You don’t mind helping out HR with hiring new .NET developers
  • Mentoring others and sharing your knowledge makes you happy
  • You have great written and verbal English and Estonian skills because your position requires close communication with both the team and the client
  • Managing time well is a trait of yours, which means that we don’t have to worry about the deadlines we give you
  • You keep your promises so we can always depend on you
  • You believe that “more or less fine” is not actually fine at all
  • “It can’t be done” does not belong to your vocabulary
  • You enjoy teamwork and working in an office in Estonia

We expect you to be a curious individual who is interested in developing yourself.

Remote work is possible for this position.

And you get bonus points if:

  • You have previous work experience as a programmer
  • You have experience with Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure.
  • You have experience with Node.js and React

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ADM is a digital solutions agency

We establish strategies and create tactics and help our clients to achieve business purposes. Here at ADM, we develop service solutions, e-commerce and sales platforms, and websites for both desktop and mobile. We build integration and middle layers into your business’s back-end systems to connect your business’s infrastructure with new front-end services.

Why would you love working at ADM?

Strengths-based leadership helps us build strong teams

Since 2014, we use the Gallup Q12 methodology to manage the development of our teams and the well-being of our people. ADM Q12 index is 4,42 out of 5. In addition, we use Gallup’s CliftonStrengths tool during our recruitment process. It gives us your talent DNA and explains the ways you most naturally think, feel and behave. In ADM, everyone has access to each other’s strengths. Our strengths coach gives you an overview of team members’ strengths and how to approach a coworker. We strive ongoingly to ensure that our employees feel good working at ADM.

Your growth is our growth

One of our five values is development and learning. You will take charge of your own personal and professional development and we support you on this journey. We offer you challenging projects with new technologies and invest in certificates. In addition, we offer you a mentor, organise monthly tech knowledge sharing and monitor your development. It is important that both you and ADM gain value from your time here.

Here you can find awesome authentic people

Thanks to strengths-based recruitment and leadership, we have compatible people working together in the right role. Our people say the main thing they value in ADM is the awesome coworkers (“I have a good friend at work” index is 4,30 out of 5). It is common ADMers to organise different fun gatherings on their initiative. Together we strive and develop, support each other and celebrate wins, no matter big or small. We have monthly joint lunches, occasional game nights, and cake in the office for every reason we can find.

How do our people describe working in ADM?

I am the kind of person who always needs to be striving for something bigger, larger, further and do it all faster, while at the same time getting to spend time in good company. Working at ADM has always provided this for me. I started my journey here as a junior back-end developer. Today, I am the head of the cloud services department, which hopefully means that soon, I will be your team lead. Between these two positions, I have gained years of experience working on interesting jobs, learning about new technologies, and getting support in my own personal growth. All of this has happened in the midst of a fun crowd of people and across cool events that are organized on a regular basis. To this day, I feel like all of this is just the beginning of something new and exciting. 🙂

Cloudtech CEO
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