It’s been already two years since ADM first received the Diverse Workplace label and last week ADM’s label was renewed for the next two years. The award is from the Estonian Human Rights Centre and the Ministry of Social Affairs to employers who respect equal treatment and inclusive organizational culture, while also setting an example to others. It’s to mark the organization’s commitment to supporting diversity and thereby creating a better working environment and society. Now it’s a great time to look back and see what ADM has already done to better diversity and what’s planned for the upcoming years.

For ADM diversity is seen as caring for each other. In a friendly environment where everyone knows each other, one’s unique qualities are celebrated and appreciated. A major change towards this was the change in the structure of how ADM was built. When before there were large departments then since last year this was changed into smaller teams. This change brought along growth in developing team spirit and it became easier to communicate.

There has always been a strong emphasis on the promotion of a healthy lifestyle by encouraging everyone to be active and eat well. There are office workouts, support for sports activities, and fun challenges to take part in. On top of that, when organizing events variety of diets are considered for the meal selections. There have also been different types of workshops and events to learn more about inclusitivity in be a more inclusive ADMer. A special mention for our Diversity Week which we celebrated in May this year. During the week there were many fun activities including a workshop on how to make websites more accessible, a diversity quiz, dressing up as your hobbies as well as coming to work in PJ-s (a nod to home offices) to name some.

Perhaps one of the biggest changes has been the growth in the number of international ADMers and the constantly improving systems set in place to make it a smoother process. When in 2020 there were less than ten employees from abroad then now the number has close to tripled and is constantly growing. Connected to the growing number of ADMers from far and wide there has been a need to move the primary communication language from Estonian to English. This has been something ADM has worked on over the past few years and although there have been many changes already, there is still a long way ahead of us.

After receiving the label for the first time in 2020 quite a lot has changed in ADM. Still, there are many great adventures ahead. We hope to lead an example for everybody to value diversity and bring inclusion from our wonderful workplace to the rest of the world.

Photos: Raul Mee

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