Today, ADM Interactive was awarded the quality Diverse Workplace label by the Estonian Human Rights Centre and the Ministry of Social Affairs. The label is awarded to employers who respect equal treatment, have an inclusive organisational culture, and who spearhead diversity in the workplace and are thus an example to all other organisations in Estonia.

The Diverse Workplace label was awarded to ADM and other organisations who support diversity at the formal award ceremony in Fotografiska today. The award was given to them by the Minister of Social Affairs, Tanel Kiik.

“At ADM, we always base our actions on our people, and we value truly caring about our employees, because every person is valuable, important, and unique. And that is what makes us strong as an organisation. That is why we consider the Diverse Workplace label to be a kind of quality marker, which shows that the company who has earned it is really dedicated to supporting diversity and thus, to creating a better work environment and a better society. These are important values that any future-oriented company and organisation should adhere to,” said Sigrid Pedak, the Human Resources Manager at ADM Interactive when accepting the award.

Diversity and inclusion in people’s work lives are increasingly more important values because we can see that the organisations who knowingly work on it are more successful, more innovative, and they can adapt to changes must faster. According to Liina Rajaveer, the Head of Diversity and Inclusion Projects at the Estonian Human Rights Centre, ensuring that your company leads well thought out activities for diversity give you a competitive advantage on the work market. “Organisations who have earned this label with their work stand out more on the market, both for those looking for a job as well as for the clients. And working on diversity not only creates success in business, but it also creates a work environment where everyone can feel at ease and dares to voice their opinion, no matter their background. If an employee feels valuable, then they are more content and that is something that not only the organisation can benefit from, but also the rest of the society.”

The Diverse Workplace label is awarded by the coordinator of the Estonian Diversity Charter, which is the Estonian Human Rights Centre, and the Ministry of Social Affairs, who brought it into being. The first labels were awarded in 2018. The Diverse Workplace label is valid for two years and in addition to ADM Interactive, 31 other organisations earned the award, including the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund, Telia Estonia, Pipedrive, and Playtech Estonia.

ADM is participating in the diversity programme launched by the Estonian Human Rights Centre and they have also signed the Estonian Diversity Charter, which was started in 2012. ADM has also supported the compilation and publication of the Estonian Human Rights Report.

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