The national vaccination website’s map application created by ADM gathers information about vaccination all across Estonia and displays it on one map, thus providing people with the most efficient way of booking an appointment. This crucial application was developed in a record time of only 48 hours.

On May 3, the Health Board published a new map application on the national vaccination website The application gathers information about all the health service providers who offer vaccination. Thanks to the new map application, Estonians now have a more efficient way of locating their nearest option for getting vaccinated, getting an overview of open appointment slots and the choice of vaccines being offered, and conveniently booking a vaccination appointment.

“Just last Tuesday, we were analysing the technical options and requirements, and then we already started work on developing the solution the next day and had it ready by Friday, which is when we started testing it. Less than a week after we started on all the preparatory work, we had the new solution thoroughly tested and ready for use. I highly encourage people to use it and book vaccination appointments for themselves with it,” said the CEO of ADM Group, Riho Pihelpuu.

“The opportunity to get vaccinated will soon be open to everyone. Our wish was to create an additional tool for people to use for that – a vaccination map application where anyone could find the health service providers nearest to them. All of us need to work together to come out of this crisis, which is why I’m glad that the private sector has been such a great partner to us during this time by helping us create these solutions,” said the Head of Communications at the Ministry of Social Affairs, Oskar Lepik.

The core team at ADM who worked on the vaccination website included Neyl Kasemaa, Martin Jõõts, Paul Post, and Anti Ainsar, all of whom contributed both office and voluntary hours into ensuring that the vaccination map application could be ready in just three days. Considering the current situation caused by the pandemic, it was important to work as quickly and efficiently as possible. ADM’s team decided to use the existing WordPress framework for which they developed a custom module that uses Google Maps and is directly connected with the Estonian Health Insurance Fund’s information systems. The map automatically displays all the necessary information and is updated regularly to reflect changes in how vaccination opportunities are being offered.

“The more people are being vaccinated, the more important it becomes to ensure that it is all done smoothly and effectively. One prerequisite for that is the technical capability to book appointments. We saw that that was something we could help Estonia with, and we worked very fast – we were able to quickly reach an agreement with all parties, we analysed the technical options, and we used agile development to create the solution. Since we really did have very little time, then our team also contributed nighttime hours to the project, and we had to rearrange some of our responsibilities to our other clients as well as agree on extensions with others. A high vaccination rate is extremely important to all of us, which is why we did the project pro bono. This helped us reduce the bureaucracy involved and meant that we could get started with the work quickly,” said Pihelpuu.

According to him, another important factor in ensuring the success of the project was the contribution of the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Health Insurance Fund throughout the whole development process, regardless of any days off or regular working hours.

To book a vaccination appointment, visit and use the map application to find the vaccination point nearest to you. Then, you must make an appointment with the selected medical institution.

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