Who we are?

Since 1997, ADM has been the leading strategic digital solutions and digital media agency group in the Baltics. Our full-service offerings combine strategy, solution development, digital media, cloud infrastructure, and start-up incubation.

We specialize in designing, building, maintaining, and managing digital solutions that drive business success and improve lives.

With headquarters in Estonia and a strong presence across Europe, we provide tailored digital strategies, service solutions, e-commerce platforms, and websites for desktop and mobile. Our expertise includes seamless integration of back-end systems, server infrastructure management in leading cloud platforms, and comprehensive digital media planning and management.

Our esteemed clients include prominent businesses from Europe, the US, and Asia. Coca-Cola, Amnesty International, Bosch and Siemens, and many other exceptional companies and state institutions trust us with their digital needs. As the strongest digital agency and solutions developer in Estonia, we consistently top industry lists and have received numerous awards locally and internationally.

Riho Pihelpuu, the CEO of ADM Group

“I am proud to present ADM – a group of specialized companies operating under one umbrella and governance. Our experts will provide the best quality service concentrating on one focus area or we can take overall responsibility for solving a business requirement across all the disciplines. To make it easy for you -we can provide all this through single point of contact. That’s why companies like HP, Bosch & Siemens, COOP and Amnesty trust us and continue to work with us for decades.”


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At ADM, we are more than just a digital solutions agency. We are your strategic partner, committed to finding the best solutions that drive your business goals forward.

With expertise in digital marketing and customer service across various fields, we excel in executing all aspects of your digital strategy. From high-level strategy development to the smallest interactions, we ensure excellence in every detail.

As the market leader in Estonia, our sustainable growth both locally and internationally speaks to our success. But it’s not just about numbers for us. We genuinely care about our employees, fostering a work environment that is supportive, collaborative, and inspiring. Together, we embark on engaging projects, providing complete support for the growth and development of our team.

Our success is built on a foundation of ethics, responsibility, and honesty. We believe that running a successful business goes hand in hand with maintaining integrity and transparency.

We proudly showcase the very best of Estonian innovation and practices to the world, while also embracing global knowledge and experience. It’s a continuous exchange of ideas that fuels our drive for excellence.

Our values

Learning and growth

Caring about people


Taking responsibility


Learning and growth

  • Standing still is boring! I want to learn and try new things.
  • What I do not know, I want to learn; what I am capable of, I want to improve on.
  • I like sharing my knowledge and helping others.
  • I dare to try, and I am not afraid of making mistakes.

Caring about people

  • I want the things I do to improve something for someone else.
  • I care about the thoughts, feelings and needs of others because I care about their wellbeing.
  • I respect different opinions and the right to be different.
  • I am positive, because it improves the day for people around me.


  • I am a team player.
  • I am happy to help out.
  • I am flexible: my opinions and will are important but finding the best solution for all is what matters the most.
  • I do not “tinker alone”: if I can’t find a solution I’ll involve someone else.
  • I co-operate with all the team members as well as our partners: our clients, subcontractors, competitors etc

Taking responsibility

  • I give it my all. I will do what I promise.
  • If something goes wrong, I’ll seek solutions and not excuses.
  • If I see an opportunity for improvement, I will help.
  • If something needs leading, I’ll lead; if something needs supporting, I’ll support.


  • I like to do things well, “so-so” is not OK.
  • If it’s needed, it’s needed: we’ll get it done!
  • “It can’t be done” isn’t in my vocabulary. There is a solution (or two) for everything.
  • I care about the end result more than I care about my personal effort.

ADM as an employer

At ADM, we understand the importance of work-life balance and the freedom to chart your own path. Whether you prefer the office or the comfort of your home, we offer flexible working hours to accommodate your needs. We value your well-being and provide a range of benefits to create a positive and supportive work environment.

Our commitment to innovation is unwavering. We eagerly embrace new technologies and approaches, always seeking fresh ideas and creative solutions. To support your journey, we provide strengths and productivity coaches, a psychologist, and a culture of mentorship. We want you to thrive and unleash your full potential

Your voice matters at ADM. We believe in open communication and ensure that every employee is heard through various channels. In fact, sharing ideas with our CEO and other colleagues is not just encouraged, it’s part of our everyday routine. We’re here to collaborate, inspire, and learn from one another.

Located in the vibrant Creative Hub, our office offers breathtaking views of the sea and the charming Old Town. We understand the importance of a friendly and inclusive atmosphere, so pets are welcome, and we have activities for children too. We care about your physical well-being and organize invigorating office workouts, provide sports compensation, offer massages, and always keep fresh fruits within reach.

ADM is more than just a workplace; it’s a community. We celebrate individuality, empower our employees, and strive to make a positive impact. Join us on this exciting journey and become part of a thriving community that values your uniqueness. Together, let’s create something extraordinary.


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